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Particle Physics at the LHC - SS13

Scheduled seminar talks:

  • 19.6. Arne Gross: Higgs mechanism and electroweak symmetry breaking
  • 26.6. S.Dittmaier: Predictions for Higgs production and decay at the LHC
  • 3.7. Lynn Meissner: Electroweak gauge-boson scattering at the LHC
  • 10.7. Marco Zimmermann: Discovery of a Higgs-like particle with ATLAS at the LHC
  • 17.7. M.Schumacher: Investigation of the properties of the Higgs-like particle at the LHC

Proposed topics:



  • Higgs mechanism and electroweak symmetry breaking 
  • Higgs production at the LHC 
  • Vector-boson scattering WW->WW 
  • other topics



  • Search for Higgs bosons at small masses, specifically H-->tautau
  • Search for Higgs bosons in models beyond the SM 
  • Search for supersymmetric particles
  • other topics

Formalities & requirements for Academic Record

  • Oral part: talk of ca. 45min (i.e. ca. 2 talks per session) 
  • Written part: essay summarizing the talk
  • First organisatorial meetings: Fr, 27.4.+4.5.12, 2pm ct; room: HS 1
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