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Supersymmetry (SS15)


Prof. Dr. Stefan Dittmaier

Tutor for exercises:

Dr. Christopher Schwan


  • Lecture: 4 hours, Mon 14-16, Tue 12-14, HS II, Start: 20.4.2015
  • Exercises: 2 hours, Wed 10-12, SR III, Start: 29.4.2015


  • SUSY algebra and its representations
  • supersymmetric field theories and superfield formalism
  • supersymmetric gauge theories
  • Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (MSSM)
  • phenomenological applications


Relativistic quantum field theory, QED, and basics of the Standard Model of particle physics


  • J. Gunion, S. Dawson, H.E. Haber, The Higgs Hunter's Guide
  • H.E. Haber, G.L. Kane, Phys. Rep. 117 (1985) 75
  • H. Kalka, G. Soff, Supersymmetrie, Teubner Studienbuecher
  • S.P. Martin, A Supersymmetry Primer, hep-ph/9709356
  • H.P. Nilles, Phys. Rep. 110 (1984) 1
  • M.F. Sohnius, Phys. Rep. 128 (1985) 39
  • S. Weinberg, The Quantum Theory of Fields, Vol. 3, Supersymmetry, Cambridge University Press
  • J. Wess, J. Bagger, Supersymmetry and Supergravity, Princeton University Press

Requirements for  Course Achievement / Academic Record

  • Course Achievement ("Studienleistung"):

    active and regular participation in the tutorials, including solutions to 50% of the homework problems

  • Academic Record ( "Prüfungsleistung"):
    oral exam

Further details will be given in the lecture/tutorials.


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