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Higgs Physics (WS 20/21)


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 Dr. Heidi Rzehak


  • Lecture:                 2 SWS,    Tue  14-16, start  03.11.
  • Exercise class:      1 SWS,   Wed 14-16, every second week, start 11.11.
The lecture course will be a live-stream zoom-meeting (depending on the situation, it might also be in person). The exercise class will be via BigBlueButton - and maybe in person. More details will be given on ILIAS.
The time of the course can still be shifted, if needed. In case you are interested in attending the course but you have a time conflict, please send a message to heidi.rzehak@physik.uni-freiburg.de .


  • Symmetries
  • Symmetry breaking (Goldstone theorem, Higgs mechanism)
  • The Higgs boson in the Standard Model
  • Higgs bosons in extensions of the Standard Model


Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Quantum Mechanics

(Knowledge about Quantum Field Theory can be advantageous, but is not required.)


Electronic books of the university library are only available within the university network. You can connect to the university network via VPN-client and your university account. More information here.
  • C. Quigg, "Gauge theories of the strong, weak, and electromagnetic interactions", Princeton Univ. Press, 2013 (updated version),
  • D.J. Griffiths, "Introduction to Elementary Particles", Wiley-VCH, 2011,
  •  M.E. Peskin, D.V. Schroeder "An Introduction to Quantum Field Theory",   Addison-Wesley, 1997,
  • J.F. Gunion,  H.E. Haber, G. Kane, S. Dawson, "The Higgs Hunter's Guide", Addison-Wesley Publ., 1990.

The list will still be extended.

Further literature

Original literature

Requirements for Course Achievement / Academic Record

The corresponding criteria will be announced in the lecture course or the exercise class, respectively.

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