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Our group is working on the theory and phenomenology of the fundamental interactions of matter, in particular of the strong and electroweak forces, including models of "new physics" that intend to unify the descriptions of these interactions.

Since matter is a system with many degrees of freedom and its fundamental objects obey quantum mechanical principles, (relativistic) quantum field theory represents its theoretical framework. The fundamental interactions are successfully described by geometrically motivated models - known as gauge theories - similar to the description of gravity by general relativity as the geometrical theory of space and time.

In detail, the following issues comprise our main lines of research:

  • phenomenology of elementary particles at colliders such as the LHC and future e+e- colliders,
  • gauge and Higgs bosons of electroweak interactions,
  • search for "new physics", such as supersymmetry,
  • quantum corrections of the strong and electroweak interactions,
  • concepts and techniques of perturbative quantum field theory,
  • Monte Carlo simulation of particles reactions.
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