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Introduction to General Relativity (WS21/22)


Prof. Dr. Stefan Dittmaier and Dr. Maximilian Stahlhofen


  • Lecture: 4 hours, Thu 10-12 (Seminaraum I), Fri 14-16 (Hörsaal I), start: 21.10.2021

  • Tutorial: 2 hours, Mon 14-16 (Seminarraum I)
    Exception: The first tutorial session will take place on Tue, Nov 2, 2pm, since Nov 1 is a holiday.

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  • Special relativity and its limitations:
    kinematics, dynamics, electrodynamics, gravitation and limits of special relativity

  • Basics of differential geometry:
    differentiable manifolds, vectors and tangent space, one-forms and cotangent space, tensors, differential forms and exterior differentiation, volume form and integration, parallel transport and covariant derivative, curvature and torsion, metric and Riemannian connection, Killing vectors

  • Gravitation:
    basic concept, space-time geometry, physics in curved space-time, Lagrangian formalism, energy-momentum tensor, electromagnetism, Einstein’s equation, cosmological constant

  • Schwarzschild solution and black holes:
    Schwarzschild metric, geodesics of the Schwarzschild metric, classical experimental tests, black holes

  • Cosmology:
    Robertson-Walker metrics, Friedmann equation, cosmological evolution

  • Perturbation theory and gravitational waves:
    linearized gravity, gravitational waves


Theoretical Mechanics, Electrodynamics, and Special Relativity


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Requirements for Course Achievement / Academic Record

  • Course Achievement ("Studienleistung"):
    Active and regular participation in the tutorials, including solutions to 50% of the homework problems.
  • Academic Record ("Prüfungsleistung"):
    Oral or written exam.

Further details will be given in the lecture/tutorials.

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Exercise sheets

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